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April Stover

April Stover

Thank you for visiting my page. As most of you know this cause is very dear to me and my family, and I would appreciate all the support I can get! This year will be my first Stroll & Roll as the new center director at the Long Beach site and I want to make it our BEST year yet, so any donation will help our center reach our $95,300 goal! It is also just a few days before my 40th birthday and if you know me you know how much I LOVE BIRTHDAYS, so here is a great way to give me something in honor of the BIG 40! Together we can make a difference and continue to Look Beyond Disabilities, Focus on Capabilities and Expand Possibilities! Thanks in advance - April


raised of $2,500 goal


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Thank you April for all you do for all of our kids and us parents!!! <3
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