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Delia Valenzuela

Delia Valenzuela

Thanks for visiting my page! I know your time is precious so I'll get straight to it. Please make a donation to my page to support individuals with developmental disabilities at AbilityFirst. Our goal is to provide opportunities and services that will enrich the lives of the individuals we serve.

I've been with AbilityFirst for 13 years now! My longevity with the agency is due to the fact that AbilityFirst stands by its mission. Seeing beyond disabilities, focusing on capabilities and expanding possibilities!

If you want to participate in the 2018 event, let me know and I can give you the details. The event will be on Sunday, April 8th at 9:30 a.m. at the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

This cause is very dear to me and I'll appreciate all the support I can get!




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