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Mike Pingel with Jaclyn's Angels

Mike Pingel

Mike Pingel

Love if you would be an ANGEL & donate!

I've come late in the game..but please show your support for AbilityFirst and Jaclyn's Angels!

This is my 5th year walking with Jaclyn (Smith's) ANGELS! A great group of people who has have already raised over $1,3000+ !!!!

Help me put the group over $1,5000!!! Every dollar counts!!!

Won't you be an ANGEL today and DONATE?



raised of $250 goal


Recent Donations

1. JPJennifer Peterson
2. SAStephanie Akins
Good luck and have fun!
3. DBDavid Bernstein
4. JTJennifer Teegarden
Best wishes!
5. TTony Guadagnino
Happy Walking!
6. PTPerry Townsend
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